Meet Our Vendors

A small look into each of our unique vendors' small businesses. 

What makes Homespun Alley unique is that our shop is comprised entirely of independent Alaskan businesses, artists, and makers. We love the individuality each vendor brings to our store and love the community vibe our different vendors create.

Tracy's Treasures

Hello, My name is Tracy, I’m a finish carpenter, I was also fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom raising our two sons. I enjoy teaching other women carpentry skills, and helping them realize just how talented they really are. I have started a new talent by opening my booth "Tracy's Treasures" here. I hope to put a smile on someone’s face with the items I’m selling. I can not explain how lucky I’am to be welcomed into their family and to be able to work and learn from the many talented and gifted woman here at Homespun Alley.

Signed With Sass

It all started with a flour sack towel and ink. I was re-introduced to the art of silk screening and Signed with Sass was born. Although my interest range far and wide, i enjoy designing and printing sassy but classy quotes onto towels, and other items. my towels are all hand dyed and color-fast so no bleeding occurs. i can also silk screen onto wood, glass and metal and can take custom orders! with my variety of tastes you will find a little something for everyone in my booth. you will find refinished and handmade furniture, antique, vintage and farmhouse decor, linens and the oddball item. along whir some sass but always with class!

Sawdust & Lace Marketplace

At Sawdust and Lace Marketplace we are madly in love with making old again, vintage dinnerware, Rae Dunn ceramics, home accessories, decor, and color. pretty much anything designed to enhance the interior beauty of your home.

Sawdust and Lace marketplace is dedicated to finding the perfect furnishings and pieces for our customers surroundings. We want to inspire our clientele to envision and then create a home they'll never want to leave

We love to treasure hunt and are constantly finding new and "old made new again" items for your home. So, if you see something you love don't hesitate because most items are never found again.

Sachie's Closet

Business bio coming soon.

Mauve Street

Mauve Street was created to bring our family together and be used as an outlet where we could make a little bit of money to travel as a family and support our hobbies. This is a family driven business with my husband (Woody’s Milling) who built my booth, displays and light with his woodworking talent. Our three daughters who like to create art and handmade items for the business and our three sons who enjoy learning from their dad in the garage while building unique wood furniture, home decor and art for my booth.As for me, I love clothing! I love comfortable clothing and I love boutique style clothing that you can’t find at the mall. With that being said through this business I want to provide the people of Palmer and the state of Alaska a great place to find some trendy, comfortable and unique apparel as well as Alaskan made art, home decor & more. I am very thankful to be able to have this opportunity as a small business at Homespun Alley. -Amanda Daniels 

Art by NJ

Business bio coming soon.

Aimer La Vie

Aimer la vie (loving life) is designed to bring you healthy products that let you pamper yourself and create special memories with those you love.

Humble Herb Tea Shoppe

Business bio coming soon.

Woodys Milling

Woodworking has always been a hobby that I enjoy very much, it has helped me get through many long winters. "Woody’s Milling" was established a few years ago when I bought my first sawmill. I named the business after my Grandfather Woodrow, the name has stuck with our family for a few generations.I am thankful to be able to have a place to sell my art and through this business-hobby I am able to provide the community unique Alaskan made wood products that you can enjoy and appreciate in your home for years to come. You can find my creations in my wife’s booth “Mauve Street” at Homespun Alley. -Wayne Daniels 


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